Solved – Windows Media Player Cannot Play This File Error For Not Supported File Format

Windows Media player is perhaps the best music player but the major problem with with this player is that it doesn’t supports many of audio and video formats. You must have seen the below error that “Windows Media player Cannot play the file” number of times because this player supports only few formats.

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This error usually comes when you try to run videos captured from mobiles or any other gadgets. This is basically because most of mobile save videos in MP4 format which is unreadable by Windows Media Player. Even not only MP4 there are plenty of other formats developed today, which are not supported by Windows Media player. So majority of people are switching to other media players.

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But today we are going to tell you about an exciting tool using which you can make your Windows Media Player enable for playing all those formats which it earlier doesn’t. The name of this tool is Windows Media Codec Pack and actually it is a useful and very powerful codec pack for your player which is developed to provide fast solution for all your music needs. This tool guarantees to play almost 95% of all formats which are available today.

The best advantage of this tool is that you will not need to download any extra media player for your Windows and will allow you to use this wonderful inbuilt windows application to the fullest possible way. This codec pack is very simple to install. You will need to download its installation file whose link is given at the end and then run that file on your system.

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These are some of the installation wizard steps. After this step you will be required to enter the location for storing this pack. You can choose the default location or even can change the location. Once it completes installation, it will show the following screen.

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So here this tool will claim that it will be able to play 95% of the available formats and will even tell you that now you will only require Real Player more to see many live audios and videos. When you click on next, it will automatically open link to download Real player on your web browser. It would be your wish of deciding whether you want to download Real Player or not.

Once you finish with all the setup wizards, close all of your opened programs and then restart your computer. Now you will find your Media Player supporting all those audio and video files which it earlier doesn’t support. Hence you will be able to enjoy music fullest using only single inbuilt Windows application.

The size of WMCodec is 7.03 Mb and still it will not take much time to get installed. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download Windows Media player Codec

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