[Solved] Windows 7 Explorer Hangs, Crashes & Force For Restart After Installing Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is no doubt one of the best download manager for a windows computer, but every now and then whenever install internet download manager on my windows computer it poses some kind of problem and makes the entire system unstable.

Last time when I installed IDM it caused google chrome to crash very and makes it restart during browsing suddenly, this time it was it targeted windows explorer on my windows 7 system. This time some windows shell extension which got added after installing and running Internet Download Manager caused the problem.

7-26-2011 1-13-27 PM

After some crashes of windows explorer, I opened event viewer which listed the file IDMShellExt.dll as the culprit, I started doing the search with this file name and then came to know that this file is added as shell extension in windows because of which it was causing the windows explorer to crash more often.

7-26-2011 1-15-16 PM

You cannot manually delete this file event after finding its location in windows, but rather you will need to download the software called ShellExView which will allows to unregister as shell extension and then you can delete it, you can then delete this file.

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