[Solved] iPad or iPad 2 Displays Message “Not Charging” After Connecting To Computer, Laptop USB Port

There are many ipad & ipad 2 users who would like to charge their ipad by connecting it to their laptop or computer USB port but on most of the computers when you connect your ipad with the ipad data cable to the USB port ipad connects to the computer for data transfer and syncing but does not charge and displays the error message Not Charging as shown in a screenshot below.


As per the customer reports – “We’ve tried charging our iPads in several places today. Here’s what’s worked and what hasn’t. Places where the iPad was able to charge (other than a wall outlet): Rear USB port on a 27-inch iMac desktop; USB port on a MacBook Pro laptop.Here’s where the iPad  did not charge: Front and rear USB ports on a variety of Windows computers; USB port on an Apple wired keyboard attached to an iMac."

This issues occurs because of iPad has heftier charging requirements than iPods and iPhones, and some USB ports—especially those on older computers and most USB hubs—don’t provide enough power to charge the iPad during use. That doesn’t mean lower-power USB ports can’t charge the iPad at all; instead, whether they can charge the iPad’s battery—and how quickly—depends on how the iPad is being used.

But still there is way out with which you can charge your ipad or ipad 2 with your windows computer USB ports it could be a laptop or a desktop running windows operating system. Below are some software which you can install to charge your ipad with your computer. These software links below are for different mother board, the first link worked for me in my case for my macbook pro running windows 7 with bootcamp.

Software Which Allows Charging Of iPad or iPad 2 With Windows Computer USB Port 

http://event.asus.com/mb/2010/AI_Charger/(ASUS)  [ This software worked for me ]
http://www.msi.com/index.php?news_no=1013&func=newsdesc (MSI)
http://www.gigabyte.com/microsite/185/on-off-charge.htm (GIGABYTE)

You just need to install any of the above software on your computer then when you connect your ipad to your windows computer you will see your ipad charging as shown in the snapshot below.


Please note: For fastest charging, use the iPad’s included 10-Watt USB power adapter. This will fully charge the iPad in a few hours, even if you’re using the iPad at the same time.

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