[ Solved ] Google Calendar Sync Now Supports Outlook 2010

The much awaited feature for outlook 2010 has been made possible, now you can sync you google account calendar with outlook 2010, now google calendar sync has been made to work with outlook 2010. Google Calendar Sync now supports Outlook 2010 — our top feature request. Outlook 2010 comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and currently only 32-bit is supported. To start syncing your calendar with Outlook 2010, download Google Calendar Sync version from here

Once you install it, a Settings window will appear. Enter your account’s email address and password, choose your sync option and sync frequency, and you’re done! [ Note: If you’re already using Google Calendar Sync, you’ll still need to download and install this new version in order to be able to sync with Outlook 2010 ]


In the Settings window, enter your email address and password and select the Sync Option you prefer. You’ll also be able to set the time interval for syncing to occur. Please keep in mind that 10 minutes is the minimum time interval allowed. After the initial set-up, you can access the Google Calendar Sync Settings window again by double-clicking the calendar icon in your Windows System Tray.

To access the Google Calendar Sync Settings window, just right-click the calendar icon in your Windows System Tray and select Options


When your events are actively syncing between Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar, you’ll see arrows in the Google Calendar Sync icon:


When events aren’t actively syncing, your calendar icon will look like this:



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