[Solved] Fix Delay,Video Lag In VLC Player During Playback

VLC no doubt the best option when it comes to free media player for windows, moreover it is platform independent as it runs on mac os and linux as well. Another good thing about VLC player is that it supports almost all the formats when it comes to video playback. Recently I noticed some Delay,Video Lag In VLC Player when I was trying to play a high quality movie video on my tv with my windows laptop connected to the same.

delay video lag in vlc player

Some of my friends also faced this problem, but they narrated me the same they have this thought in mind that video lagging and delay in video graphics and rendering is happening because of their slow old or new windows laptop, but this is not completely true.

Now let me tell you the exact reason behind this problem which is actually this depends on the graphics capability of the laptop and some settings which needs to configured in VLC player. Now still if you think that your laptop or computer has a low graphic then still you can remove and fix the video lagging or hang during video playback or if you have the graphic card in laptop or desktop this issue should not occur still you can fix the same following the same procedure given below.

In order to fix this you will need to configure some settings and options in VLC player.

1. Open VLC media player, and go to tools >> preferences as shown in the image below.

vlc player preferences

2. Now under preferences >> input & codecs, make sure you check GPU Acceleration – but this feature is in experimental so it might stop your display driver on your windows computer, but that might happen only once in a while and restart will fix everything in all the cases, so we recommend to enable this feature. 

fix video lag in vlc player

But the advantage of enabling this feature is that it will remove the delay and video lagging instantly once you enable this feature.  You can read more vlc player tips here, in case the above solution does not solve your problem or you have anything to say please leave a comment through the comment section below. Another related problem like this in which you might experience a video lag, when you are streaming a video from the network pc, you can read the fix here by Howtogeek.

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