[Solved] Cannot Turn Off Logitech Google TV (Revue)

Yes, there is no switch off button to turn off logitech google tv. One of my friend gifted google tv recently, I must say its great internet enabled entertainment device, since the beginning I have been using it very effectively by watching latest happening in tech and general news, watching latest news updates in the form of videos, streaming content from media devices and lots more.

logitech google tv

On the first day, when I used it for the first time I forgot to switch it off, the second when I remembered about my mistake I tried finding the switch off or turn off google tv but there was no switch but on the right side of the google tv box, I found the orange color flower symbol button which is supposed to be used when you want to reset your logitech google tv in cases when its gets hanged or freeze at a state.

After doing some search about it there is possible way of moving the logitech google tv to standby stage than completely turning it off. In order to move google tv to stand by mode go to google tv home screen Settings>Picture & Sound>Screen off timeout.  The default setting is ‘Never’.  I changed that setting to 2 hour.  When the logitech Revue is not in use the unit shuts down and the constant power light is turned off, this way google tv will power on once you press a key on the keyboard.

Why logitech google tv (revue) does not have a power off button, so the reason is that google tv is designed in such a way that it should respond to your commands when ever you give them via ir receiver or bluetooth keyboard which is connected all the to revue. But still there is a option which lets you power it off from the receiver as it seems like shown in the image below. I noticed this option when I was using my iphone as a IR receiver to control google tv.


As you can see in the image below, you will see the power off option, however I haven’t tested this option.


Well anyways if any of the option don’t work, you always have the option to turn it off by removing the power adaptor from the power plug.

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