Solution To iPhone 4 Display Yellow Bands Spots Problem

When the iPhone 4 was released worldwide on June 24th, 2010, thousands of people rushed to stores to get their hands on the new magical device by Apple. But this enthusiasm was short lived for a lot of people, first because of the signal reception problem, and then because of various yellow colored spots on the much-hyped ‘retina display’ of the iPhone 4.

The yellow spots on your iPhone might look somewhat like this –

(Image Credit: Gizmodo)

Why does your iPhone 4 have yellow colored bands/spots?
Apple Support and SlashGear report that the discoloration or yellow bands are due to an adhesive used by Apple (called Organofunctional Silane Z-6011) to bond the various layers on glass in the iPhone 4’s new retina display. The bonding agent takes a while to dry up, which can vary from a few days to a week. Though the source of this information is somewhat in the dark (originated from a post on AppleInsider forums), but this was somewhat confirmed by the phone support agents on the Apple helpline to a few people who called up inquiring about the problem.

How you can get rid of the problem

This may sound weird, but the solution that Apple is recommending right now, and based on the above explanation of the problem, is to just wait. Apple is shipping these new iPhones so quickly, that its seems the adhesive has not dried up in quite a number of the sets dispatched. The adhesive will dry up in a while, and when it does, the yellow spots are expected to go away. In fact, quite a lot of users on forums are reporting that the yellow spots are getting lighter or completely disappearing as the display gets heated up or after general use for 1 day.

If you can’t stand the spots on your new iPhone for 1 more second, you can take it back to the Apple Store you got it from, and ask for an exchange. The Apple Stores have replaced quite a few iPhones already for customers who brought back their iPhones after 1 day of use. If you do go in for an exchange, be sure to check the new iPhone for any other display related issues (Some users have also reported that their displays have dead pixels).

In any case, my recommendation would be to wait it out. If after a few days of usage, the discoloration persists, then you should go ahead and take your iPhone back to the Apple Store you got it from.

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