Software Application To Read, Reply Gmail Emails Without Internet Browser Required

Gmail is probably the next most widely used e-mail service after Yahoo and millions of users across the planet use it daily. Out of all these users many have to deal with countless mails flooding their inbox on a regular basis.

In order to ensure proper management of mails people use e-mail clients like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thuderbird, Apple Inc, Pegasus Mail etc. But sometimes the amount of content present over your mail takes a lot of time to download and at those moments we regret the very idea of suing email clients.

The reason why we started our post talking about Gmail specifically is that we are going to talk about a new email client available for Gmail here. The client is known as Geemail and is available for free over the internet.


The interface completely resembles that of the actual Gmail web page and needs no extra understanding unlike other clients which demand some time before one can start using the same efficiently. Importantly the client has all the essential features of Gmail and takes no time to perform its job. Contrastingly where other clients ask for a detailed information to start off, Geemail simply asks for the your gmail username and password.


Most unique thing about this very client is the option of auto-scheduling offline messages. It means that in case an internet connection is not available at an instant then one can compose emails and as soon as a connection is present the client automatically sends the composed mails. So in short the messages can be queued and no scheduling needs to be performed as it would send them automatically.

While being offline one can compose emails as well as navigate through your downloaded messages and other items in respective folders. It would be very useful for users as it lets one create messages in bulk and sends automatically without any extra effort. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Important Note: The Client needs Adobe Air to be installed.

Google to Download GeemailĀ from [Sourcebits]


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