SMS Messaging Gets Extra Features, Functions On Android Phone With GO SMS PRO

With the competition soaring up in the telecommunication sector, the call and messaging rates have seen a drastic fall which is definitely beneficial for users all across the country. We are even offered extremely cheap messaging add on packs leaving us with thousands of messages for a couple of bucks. So importantly messaging has become another way of fast communication.

Earlier messaging on the conventional phones with keypad was just too  simple and boring but now that smarter phones have established themselves in the market, messaging has stepped up another level with new features.

Coming to android phones, the conventional messaging feature is pretty fine and offers a lot of new things to play around with but with new applications being launched day after day, even the conventional one is seen to be lacking a bit of useful features. GO SMS PRO is a new interesting messaging application available for free on Android Market.

Go SMS ProGo SMS Pro1

The number of features literally have no count as whenever you press tap somewhere on the application UI, a new option comes up. Firstly it’s the user interface that is eye catchy and it can be customized by downloading themes and changing fonts. Secondary a lot of customization can be brought to the inbox message widows also, such as changing the color of the font, changing the background color etc.

Scheduling of messages is another good feature where you can convert existing message text to a schedule message. How to do it? Well just long press the text bubble of any conversation in GO SMS inbox and several option appear on the screen for forwarding, deleting, copying to a folder, locking message, converting to schedule message etc.

Go SMS Pro3Go SMS Pro2

Backup and Restore is another very amazing feature where you can take a backup of all the messages and settings to your SD card. Similarly one can restore the already existing backup so as to retrieve the content. A batch mode feature lets you delete or backup the selected conversations in bulk and not just one by one.

The app also offers three modes of running depending on your preferences. Named as Lite Mode, Normal Mode and Pro Mode these three modes have been named depending on the customization options they offer. The Lite mode is the fastest with no customization options in hand whereas the Pro mode give you the authority to change almost everything.

The app is just so feature rich that even a 2000 word post would not be enough to explain each and every thing. So its time for you android users to download it and start exploring around.

Download GO SMS PRO – [Android Market]

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