Smaller Icons In Windows 7 Taskbar

We have previously posted about how can you decrease the size of icons on windows 7 desktop and vista desktop, but when it comes to taskbar in windows 7 the icons are pretty large, and if you are used to the small sized icons in taskbar as there in XP, you may want the same xp style taskbar with small icons in windows 7


Windows 7 allows you to decrease the size of windows 7 taskbar icons quite easily, you can find this option under windows 7 start menu properties, here is how you can do the same.

1. Right click in windows 7 Start Menu button and select Properties


2. Click the taskbar tab and check the option which says Use Small Icons


3. Once you click apply button, taskbar icons will becomes smaller as shown taskbar snapshot below.


You can read the more windows 7 tips here, we hope you like this simple trick you can use in windows 7 


  1. Zanza says

    beware that some features are not working anymore after using smaller icons. like the outlook 2010 symbol doesnt change anymore to the new briefcase symbol if you get a new mail.

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