Sleep, Turn Off Touch Screen On Nokia Symbian Phones Using Light Sensor

Are you the owner of a fully touch screen Nokia mobile phone or have you ever used one for an appreciable time? What is the most annoying thing about such phones? Although the problem is not big enough yet it is considered as one because of the fact that it troubles people sometimes.

We are talking about the keypad lock of such phones which most of the users like us forget to activate in situations of hurry. Sometimes it is our carelessness which leaves the keypad unlocked and prone to possibilities of getting touched not by our own fingers but by things around it. So when we put the phone with an unlocked keypad in our pocket or any bag, the phone is likely to come in contact the surrounding and such touches eventually open unwanted apps or the messages or dial numbers and a number of other things.


Ironically such unwanted activities explore your phone more than you do and sometimes even amaze us by opening windows which were unexplored otherwise. So can we do anything to avoid such minor troubles ? Well we can and impressively, without pressing any button. Yes you get me right. PocketLock is an app developed by Nokia specifically for touch phones which lets you lock the keypad every time you put it in compact spaces like you pocket or bag and importantly you need not press the lock button.

The app even starts automatically when the phone is switched on and runs in the background all the time. The interface literally is the simplest one and powerful enough to impress you. How it works? The time you put the phone in a closed space it senses it and locks the keypad and the moment you pull the phone out, it unlocks it. Convenient enough?

So what are you waiting for, download it and bring your keypad problem to an end.

Download PocketLock [ Nokia Ovi Store ]

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