Skip Youtube Ad Commercial In Video

As youtube has started displaying ads in youtube video while playing occasionally, so some times when you land up viewing a video you might see some ads on the youtube video as small bar shown at the bottom of the video, or as a short clip shown before the video starts playing. Youtube displays a countdown, when a short video is played before the video, if you can’t wait there are two ways in which you avoid that youtube video ad or skip it.


One simple way to skip the ads on the youtube video, you just need to reload by pressing F5 and once the video is reloaded the ad will disappear. Second method involves a trick which might not work all the times, While your ad is playing scroll through the comments. If you see a comment with a time signature (usually looks like this time signature: 1:00) click that time. Your ad will be skipped and you will be taken to the time that you clicked on.

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