Skip, Play Youtube Video From Some Time Point In Between The Video

There times when you may want to share a youtube video with some of your friends, but you may realize that you want to share a part of the youtube video which is interesting enough. In such case you will might need to tell your friend to skip to certain time while playing the youtube video link, Telling the specific times could a pain task as you and for your friend some times.

Youtube now allows you to copy the youtube video URL at current time from which you can share with your friend and the video will start playing from that time at which you copied the video URL as you can understand more through the screenshot below.

4-2-2011 11-56-03 AM

In order to copy the video URL at a current time, you just need to right click on the video at time which you want to make start point at which it should start playing. Once you have copied the URL at current time, share it with others and the youtube video will automatically start playing at that time where you copied the youtube video URL.

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