Single Tool To Access All Windows Settings and Programs

Most of us have been using Windows operating System from a long time, there are certain features of Windows which are almost unknown to us. We do not use them because they are not available like other tools which are installed on our computer. They are comparatively hard to access as you will have to through many directories on your computer which might consume some time or I should say that the users who do not have much habit to investigate the system.


Let me take an example to adjust the Windows to give priority to better performance rather than better looks. By default your Operating system shared equal priority between these two but by going to the advanced options under the properties of my computer you can change the priority to set the computer to share the all of it towards the performance and ignore the looks of the computer. Today I will be sharing a tool with you with the help of which you can access such feature with the help of a single click.

You can see the screenshot of the tool pasted right above in the post. Now with the help of this application you can access such application just with the help of a single click. Let us take a example of command prompt, you will have to go to start option and then click the run option and then write ‘cmd’ under Run application window. But this tool will help you to open it will help of single click as it can be seen in the application window.

Now you may say that these application can be accessed quickly by creating their shortcuts and then pinning them to the taskbar, but even the space on taskbar has a limit and these all the tools and some features cannot be pinned over them, so this tool solves all the purpose of accessing the smallest and the advanced features of the tool with the help of single click. The size of this tool is around 930 Kb and we have used this tool on Windows 32-bit Ultimate edition. So, please let us know if you face any issue while using this tool.

The collection of shortcuts in Windows 7 Application Pandora Box [Beta] includes following Shortcuts :

Accessories – Calculator, Command Prompt, Math Input Panel, Mobility Center, Notepad, Paint, Snipping Tool, Sound Recorder, Sticky Notes, Sync Center, Windows Explorer,Wordpad.

Programs – Character Map, Windows DVD Maker, Internet Explorer, Problem Screen Recorder, SQL server cient Network utility, Journal, Windows Fax and Scan, XPS Viewer.

Tools – Activate Windows, Directx Diagnostic tool, IEexpress Wizard, Phone Dialer, Windows Version, Volume Mixer, Remote Assistance, Windows Firewall, WinHelp, Windows Update.

Administrative Tools – UAC Settings, Group policy Editor, Registry editor, Event Viewer, System configuration, Add hardware Wizard, Local Security policy, Memory Diagnostic,Management Console, Task Manager, User Accounts, Optional Features.

System Tools – Control Panel, System Restore, Resource monitor, Task scheduker, Disk CleanUp, Disk defragmenter, Private Character editor, System Info.

System Properties – Advanced, Computer Name, Performance, Protection, Remote, hardware, DataExec Prevention.

Ease of Access – Magnify, On-Screen Keyboard, Narrator, Ease of Access Center .

Display – Color management, Display settings, Display color Calibaration, Clear type text Tuner.

Download Windows Pandora Box

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