Single Tap Picture Capture On Android Phone With QikCam

There are plenty of applications for android phones and other devices which are developed for enhancing the features of the stock applications and features and in specific if we talk about the camera and video app then we have a number of options. The latest app to join this feature enhancing league for stock camera and video is known as QikCam.

Alike any other good app it provides you with a lot of features and interestingly the application is extremely clean and simple to use. The main screen has three options: Camera, Video and Sharing. Choosing each of the three takes you to the settings screen where you can choose the default settings for the photo or video you are going to capture.


The reason why the app is worth downloading is that with QikCam you can take photos and record videos without accessing the default camera app. It’s a one-click app with separate widgets for both camera and video and to do the needful one has to place the widgets on the homescreen and just tap them when he or she wishes to click photos or capture videos. Another cool feature is of sharing the captured photo or video and uploading it to a 4Shared account if one has any.


So how to use the app? Read the instructions below and you will understand everything.

  • Download QikCam app from Android Market where it is available for free
  • After installing add the widgets for both camera and video on the homescreen
  • In order to take a picture or record a video hit the respective widget from the home screen itself which will take you to the settings screen where one can enable features like Auto-focus, Flash on/off, resolution in case of Camera and video format and other features for Video.


  • Once set hit the save button and your settings will be saved after which whenever you select the Camera or Video widget the picture or video will be captured immediately. The application will also provide some features such as Delete and Share after capturing any of the the above two.


Download QikCam Android App-[Android Market]

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