Single Click User Switch In Windows 7 or Later

You might have come across situations where several users are using the same system are you are one among them. It might be with a common computer in home, or might be at some other place too. Along with this, you might have also created different users account in your personal system in order to manage and differentiate between the different kind of work that you do such as your Office work and your personal work. So, in such situations you might have come across the scenario where you immediately want to switch between the accounts but can’t do so as you first need to log-off from one of your account and then you can login into another one. So, for such situations we here present you a nice, little utility which we have come across and which can serve the above mentioned purpose and that too with a great ease.

Fast User Switch is a small, easy to use, useful and a freely available utility which has been designed and developed especially for Windows. This utility allows the user to switch between different accounts with just a single click and thus we can assume it as a one button link to the Windows user selection section. The developer has given a feature by which this utility can be pinned to the taskbar from where user need to just click on the icon in order to go directly to the user selection screen.


This utility can be easily downloaded from the below given link and after extracting all the files from the archive file, you may simply proceed further in order to make use of this utility. One of the best things about this small-sized utility is that it requires no installation, and you just need to simply drag & drop the EXE file on to the taskbar in order to get it pinned. So, by simply launching it you may observe that whenever you want to switch users using this utility, it will show you the user selection screen from where you may select the account that you want to see. After clicking, you may observe that you will automatically be logged out of which ever account you were using. It may happen that the screen will go black for a very brief interval as it switches to the user selection screen so no need to worry about it. So, overall we can say that it is a nice and simple utility which serves it purpose in a very simple manner.

Download Fast User Switch

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