Simplistic Calender Software For Windows

Managing your day with all the important meetings and appointments is a real tedious task if done manually. For this, you may use utility which is present right in front of your eyes and notes written over it for that particular day. Xcalday is one of such utility and it is an extremely simple desktop calendar which simply displays a calendar of one month on your desktop with nothing so special and attractive in it. It is a pretty simple utility which gives you the calendar in a very simple format and unlike other calendar freeware which allows you to make different marks in colours and make notes in custom size, this tool acts similar to a paper calendar with an additional blank area below it for writing any notes for the day if you want. Anything which you think that you may forget and it is very important for the day, then you may simply write it in the space provided below it.


In order to use it or just for trying it out, you may download it from the below given link and it will be downloaded into your computer in almost no time as it is a very small and simple utility. While working you may observe that the current date is always circled in red and any of the date that you select would be in blue coloured shadow and if there are any notes related to that particular date then they will be displayed below. Also, to figure it out, that for which dates you have made entries in the notes part, all the dates with notes will always appear in bold numbers.

So, in this way you may select any date and can write a note for that particular day using Xcalday. Whenever you no more want those notes then simply remove those notes by just deleting the text entered by you. Although, the note area is fixed and you may observe that it can’t be changed in size, but still it allows you to enter as many words as you like and after entering the content you may use arrow keys, which works equal to a scroll bar, in order to move the contents for view.

Overall, Xcalday is a pretty simple and one of the smallest utility which is completely free and clean without any plug-in. As said earlier, it hardly takes any space in memory and on disk, and it always sticks to the desktop. It doesn’t disturb you in your work and will never overlap with the current working window. So, in order to try it out, simply download it from the below given link.

Download Xcalday

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