Simple Research Tool – All In One Search Tool To Search Anything Anywhere

Simple Research Tool is a an great all in one search tool which really allows you to search anything anywhere as it allows you to search on any search engine including google search, yahoo search and bing search.


Following are some type of searches you can do with this tool

Keyword Search 

You can search do a keyword research, determine the keyword traffic, perform a domain search, youtube search, search a keyword at yahoo answers, amazon books, google groups, Wikipedia and twitter search and lots more.   

Image Search

You can also do a image search location easily on sources google images, stock image search, flickr, every stock photo, istock photo, getty images.

File Type Search

You can also perform a file type search on any of the search engine with some selected file type like .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt etc or you can specify the extension of any other file type also. 

Forums Search

Without opening any forum you can do a forum search with this tool, you can perform forum search on digital point, site point, warrior forums, webmaster world.

Search Article Directory

You can search articles in various search directories like Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Article Dashboard and Buzzle

Note: As per our review, we found it one of the best tool for webmasters and people interested in SEO for researching content and keywords on web.   

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