Simple and Easy Portable Screen Capture Tool For Windows

Sometime it may be necessary for you to take screenshots of your computer screen in order to maintain proofs for the financial transactions done in e banking or if you are into writing articles, files or a work document where you need to take a snapshot of your computer screen to explain your view point in a better way. Today I have a very simple and easy to use screen capture application that is freeware, for you named i Screen Capture. The software will help you to take the snapshots and save them in jpeg format.

i_screen_capture 1

This above window will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading it. The application doesn’t require installation it will run directly from the exe file. The software is very simple and easy to use. It has three buttons Capture, Save and Close. The tool has a small viewing window where you can see the screen that will be captured as an image after the screenshot will be taken. You can take the screenshot using the Capture button and after the screenshot is taken it  can se saved using the Save button at the desired location in your computer using the browse window in the  JPEG format. The close button is used to close the software.

The software being very simple and easy doesn’t provide you any options to edit your screen shots or select the area for which the screenshot has to be taken. It will always be taken for the whole computer screen and the disadvantage is that the I Screen Capture application screen will always be in the snapshot. The application doesn’t have any options to edit the screenshots like cropping, increasing or decreasing the brightness, colors, trim, image effects, drawing on the screenshots, rotating and many more. I have got some better tools for you that will help you to take screenshots as well as edit them using all the tools that you want.  One such tool that can take screenshots in Windows 7 and store them in the Clipboard is Snapshoter. Another tool that has options to modify the screenshots after taking them is Mazio. A somewhat different tool that can take screenshots of windows at regular intervals and save them is Automatically Take ScreenShots. In my opinon i Screen Capture is a software that is meant for amateur users for taking snapshots just for proofs and not for explanation as it doesn’t have editing tools. For someone professional other three options would be better.

Download i Screen Capture.

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