Silent, Mute Sound At Logoff, Logon, Lock, Hibernate, Restart On Windows Computer

By default Windows and Mac operating system turn on and turn off with a quiet loud sound. So if you find it annoying and want to make your PC silent while turning it on or off, then only thing you can do is to turn off your PC sound before shutting down your OS. But for doing this, you will need to mute your system before shutting it down and then unmute it once your OS boots up to enable sounds.

But by this process, sometimes, you may forget to mute your system’s voice before shutting down and even it requires muting and unmuting of sound every time you turn on/off your system. An easy solution of this problem is using a nifty tool named Auto-Mute.

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Auto-Mute is designed to automatically make your system silent when it turn on/off even if you forget to mute your system in the previous session. It is a very nifty utility and when you install it, it will pin itself in the system tray. The main window of this tool is as follow.

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So this is basically all the settings relates to this tool. You will need to mark or unmark on particular setting to enable/disable them respectively. So the first option available is Automatically run program on start-up. Turn on this option if you want this tool to automatically run as your system boots up. This will make this tool to run in the background every time you work on your system.

Next option is Mute sound on logoff,suspend, and shutdown. This option will automatically ensure noiseless processing whenever you click on turn on, shutdown or sleep, Restart, Log off, Hibernate and Switch User. If you want to turn off sound even when you lock your system, then click on next option available to automatically enable this feature.

Next option is to mute your system when your system remains idle and starts displaying screensaver. So enable/disable this tool you can use keyboard shortcut which is by default Ctrl+F10. You can even change this keyboard shortcut by clicking on box and then entering desired shortcut. When you turn it on, you will see following icon in your system tray.

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Last option is to make a beep when this tool turn on so that you will get to know that this utility is now running in background. This is very small utility and will even won’t cause any effect on the performance of your system.

The size of Auto-Mute is just 499 Kb and you can use its keyboard shortcut directly to turn it on/off. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and with Mac OS X v10.5 or later and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download Auto-Mute

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