Shutdown Options In Windows 7 Taskbar

Whenever you want to Shutdown, Switch user, Log off, Lock, Restart or Sleep your system, you need to go to start menu and then click on the particular task you want to perform. You may find it a little uncomfortable and time consuming task but what if all these features get embedded in your taskbar? Yes, now you can perform all the above function by just a simple right click on your task bar and then perform the desire task with a tool called JumpControl.

JumpControl is a new and innovative way of performing functions like Shutdown, Switch user, Log off, Lock, Restart or Sleep by just a single click. You just need to pin this tool in your taskbar and then you will be able to perform all above functions from your taskbar only.

When you download this tool you will see a WinRAR file of this tool as shown below.

31-08-2010 19-38-00

Just open this WinRAR file and extract the four files present in this to any location of your choice.

31-08-2010 19-40-43

Now go to location where you have extracted all these files and click on file name JumpControl.exe and then you will see the following window.

31-08-2010 19-46-13

From this window you can mark all functions which you want to perform with the help of this tool or you can even unmark any function if you don’t want to use that function. After marking your desired options close it and right click on file name JumpControl.exe and then pin it to taskbar.

31-08-2010 19-43-29

After this you can see this tool in the taskbar. Now you can right click on it and you will see all the tasks i.e Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, Switch User, Lock and Log Off in a single menu. Click on the task you want to perform and this tool will perform that task.

31-08-2010 19-53-26

Like whenever you want to shutdown your system, right click on this tool located in your taskbar and then click on Shutdown. After that your system will shutdown as it usually does when you click shutdown from the start menu. Hence it simplifies your actions and also saves your time. You can even see how to install and use this tool by looking at the following video.

JumpControl is developed by ProtoSphere and the size of this tool is 212 Kb and it doesn’t need to be installed. After downloading its installation file you need to extract the exe file and then pin it to your taskbar to use this freeware. This tool is developed for Windows 7 and has been reviewed successfully on Windows 7-32 bit edition with 1Gb RAM and 2.8 GHz Processor.

Download JumpControl

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