Shred Files and Folders In WIndows

Deleting files or folders from the computer is a very simple task and can be done very easily. It depends upon the user whether the user wants to delete the file permanently or simply wants it to be deleted from a specific location but still wants it to be retained in the recycle bin. Although, in the first case when user wants the file or the folder to be completely deleted then the user uses Shift+Delete keys to permanently delete the files. But, in this case also it is not sure that the files will be deleted permanently as they can be traced and recovered back. So, it can be dangerous in some cases. For this, File Shredding is used which is basically a phenomenon to ensure that the files are permanently removed and there is no chance for recovering them.

So, for this phenomenon Shredders uses various and multiple mechanisms to permanently remove the specified content from the system. One of such utility which has been named as Moo0 File Shredder is basically a small, useful and freely available utility which offers different methods and an easy to use file shredder, supporting simple drag & drop behavior to quickly remove the required file/folder. If we look into the inner working of this utility then we can find that it contains list of different file shredding methods which basically uses different algorithms to operate. Out of these different available methods, the user may opt for any of the method depending upon the requirements. Among these different methods, you may observe that each one of them carries different hard-core deletion methods and it performs multiple operations repetitively over file/folder as specified by the user. As said earlier, you need to select the method for shredding and once selected, you need to simply drag the file into the application to remove it from the system.


As you drag the file for permanent deletion, the tool will prompt and ask you to confirm the shredding action, and once you click Yes then it will start shredding all the dropped files & folders. As, you may observe that this method of file shredding is quite different from normal way of removing the files from the system, thus you may find it a bit lengthy process as it may take some time depending upon the file/folder size and also on the selected shredding method. But still, in order to have extra care and to make sure that the files or folders are completely and permanently removed, this is a useful utility to be used.


So, just give it a try by downloading it from the below given link.

Download Moo0 FileShredder

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