Show Time From Different Places Of The World On Desktop With WorldClock

Many people would like to track over more than two time zones sometimes required work, for tracking news and other reasons. Normally I need to track time across US Cities times zones and when I was used to be confused over the times across different countries in different cites I used to refer this website.

But now I can display the times from your required times zones directly on your desktop with this free utlity called WorldClock – It shows you the time in different places over the world. Also included are the Swatch Internet Time, Julian Date and StarDate. You can also use it to synchronize the time with an atomic clock.


Once you run this program you can add more times zones time to be displayed or remove the existing ones, In order to edit the times zones time display right click on the interface of the application and then click Setup


Here is how you can add a new time zones and shown in the snapshot below.


For those who don’t want the desktop utlity, can also opt for the google gadget version of this WorldClock which you can include on iGoogle or with Google Desktop Search, here is how it will look like


Note: In order to run this program in windows 7 or xp or vista you will need to install the VB5 Runtime Library apart from installing this program by running the setup.exe after extracting the zip archive.

Download WorldClock | VB5 Runtime Files [link]

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