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There is an option of Welcome screen in everyone’s mobile. Whenever we switch off our mobile and then turn it ON then that message appears before we start using our phone normally and I always wished that i could had something like that on my system. So, we will be reviewing today a tool which will be helpful in doing that task as mentioned above and the name of this tool is Windows Logon Notifier.

It really feels nice when you open you system and then you find a beautiful message written on your Logon Screen and some times it is also very much helpful when you want to convey a message to any other user working on that same system with a different User Account, as you will not have to remember that message and when ever you and any other user logs ON to his or her system then you will find that message on his/her screen.


As you can see from the snapshot that this freeware is very much simple. If you want to write any message then just click on the highlighted area which is written as “Write Title Here”, just add your message in it and then that same message with the e-mail ID written on that application window will be there on the Logon screen whenever you will Log ON to your screen you will get that message printed on it.

And whenever you want to change or remove that message then just click that remove button on the application window and then add a new one with the same procedure repeated above. When you will log into your account then after entering the password another screen will appear which will contain this message and until your press OK on that screen you will not be able to see you account. You can also see the status of the message on the bottom of that application window.

The size of this tool is around 600 Kb and moreover this tool is portable. So, you can take it any where on your USB drive and then create LogON messages. When you will launch this tool then everytime a UAC interface will appear which will ask for the permission to make any change. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Windows Logon Notifier

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