Show iPhone Calendar App Events, Meetings & Reminders On Lock Screen

For all those who you use the calendar app on their iphone synced with your google calendar or outlook calendar to notify them for different meetings, events and reminders. Now its possible that you display your calendar events, reminders and meetings for the current ongoing week on the lock screen on your iphone.

Lock Calendar is a free app available on cydia repository which display your calendar events on iPhone lock screen, all the events are shown up pretty nicely with out any issues with date and time for the next upcoming seven days from current. This app is really simple with its easy installation as it requires no reboot, no setup or configuration as just when you install it will fetch all the events from the default calendar app and displays them on your lock screen as shown in the image below.


This app can be found under BigBoss repository on cydia, it comes for free and without any issues, and you just need to respring or restart your springboard to run this app, this was showcased in the recent why jailbreak ? video by Saurik recently, you can watch the video here

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