Show, Hide or Make File Menu Bar Permanent Display In Windows 7 Explorer Window

Windows 7 no doubt has been very nicely designed which makes is the best version of windows released till date, it has been improved much in terms of performance as well, now for all those who migrated from windows xp or vista to windows 7, they keep on looking for some similar useful options like file menu bar which they used to of using in windows xp or vista but by default in windows explorer.

windows 7 explorer without file menu bar

In case if you want to see the file menu bar in windows explorer, you will need to press Alt key on the keyboard and you will see the file menu bar appearing in windows 7 explorer menu as shown in the image below.

file menu bar in windows 7 explorer

If you want to make file menu bar permanent in windows 7 explorer window, so that it appears all the time and you don’t have to press the alt key to show it, in that case you will need to select file menu under layout options as shown in the image below.

layout file menu bar

Once you check this option, you will see menu bar permanently display in windows 7 explorer window as shown in the image below.

file menu bar permnenet windows 7 explorer

You can also watch the video tutorial embedded below on the above steps mentioned above.

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