Show Google Search Results As Per Your Geo Location

Google keeps on making some small changes from time to time. Now it basically helps us in two ways, firstly the changes are always to facilitate us and secondly using Google does not seems to be monotonous. Again Google has decided to make an amendment in in the result page and this is related to the automatic detection of your location in order to give you the perfect results related to the keywords which are searched by you.

10-20-2010 3-34-33 PM

You must have seen that whenever you search anything on Google it gives you all the results in different categories. That is it will give you some of the results from the images, it will also provide you the results from maps and similarly it will give you the results from all the categories. When it comes to giving the results from Maps and locations then Google tries its best to give you the results which are closer to you by detecting your position accurately but most of the times Google fails to predict the exact location and it has made this amendment.

Google has decided that form now it will shifting the location block on the left of the results page and it will show you the place which has been detected automatically, of you are comfortable with the detected location then you can go for taking a glance at the results, but if there is any problem then you can change that location. Even if you want to check anything in respect to any other location then you can go for changing the location in same way. It will give you the same results as if you were living their at that location.

As pr my point of view this was small but countable initiative for the users to explore any location deeply by just changing the location. Hope see this change soon on our results page. We will be updating you will all the small changes which are being made by Google these days and if you come across anything new then please let us know by writing it in the comments section, as there are certain chances that we may miss something (though we are not going to miss anything but still we need your help). We will be glad to share that information. Keep Reading Have a nice Day!!!

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