Show Disk Usage Percentage In System Tray

We generally don’t care about the space occupied or left in the drives of your hard disk. When we transfer or receive any huge amount of data then the free space goes low and a small icon pops up in the tray indicating Low Disk Space. But we can have a regular check over the space of the disk drive in our systems with the help of Disk free Monitor 1.0.6


The snapshot shown above is the application window of the tool when the setup option is opened for this tool. You can see it has two options for displaying the drives either it can show only the fixed drives of our hard disk or it can show the stats of any other external device connected to it. It will also indicate the type of drive in the menu, whether it a fixed drive or a removable drive.

The unit in which the free space will be displayed can be changed as per your preference. For example you can see the free space in terms of Kilobytes, Megabytes or Gigabytes. You can also vary the decimal places upto which it will show the numerical stats, larger the decimal places more exact will be the value.

You can also see that there are some instructions written in the application window, one of the two is that you can access any of the drive displayed in the menu by just clicking them. It will open the windows explorer and will show all the contents inside that drive in other words it will act as a shortcut for the fixed or removable drives attached to your system, so you can directly access them from the tray itself. Another instruction is that if you want to explore any of the mentioned drive in the tool then you just have to press shift along with clicking those drives and then you can explore through them.

The size of this tool is also very small (240 Kb) so you can download it within few seconds and it does not even get installed, it will just minimize itself onto the tray and then you can use it from there. I am sure that will prove itself upto your expectations.

This tool has been checked on Windows XP and Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition, so it is assumed it will run on all the version of Windows.

Download Disk Free Monitor 1.0.6

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