Show A Hidden System Tray Icon In Windows 7

System tray icon has been taken quite seriously in windows 7, the windows 7 taskbar has been designed keeping in mind that system tray icons of the various third party applications should not occupy the task bar space. So, by default any program which has a system tray icon is hidden by default in windows 7 system tray.

In order to show a system tray icon in the task bar, here is how you can set it to show. Take your mouse over the arrow pointing vertically upwards, you can see the text saying show hidden icons


click the arrow pointing upwards on the windows 7 taskbar, and click the customize text.


After clicking customize it will open up action center where you can show the icon and notifications of a program [ as shown in the image below ]


For any program whom you want to show the system tray icon, select the option from the drop down saying Show icon and notifications and click ok button at the bottom.

That’s it Done, I hope you like this small but useful tip for many new windows 7 users, you can read more windows 7 tips written by us before

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