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I you have a habit of opening various windows in tabs in your Web Browser and often find it time consuming to switch between various tabs, then today we will be telling you about an in built feature of Windows 7 known as Switcher using which you can switch between various opened windows through keyboard shortcut.

Windows Switcher is also known as Flip 3D, as using it you can switch between your opened windows from keyboard shortcut. If you have worked on Vista then you must have noticed about a shortcut in the quick launch for accessing Switcher. But in Windows 7 although that quick link area has been removed and modified with innovative taskbar, but still this tool switcher is integrated in Windows 7.

So today we are going to tell you the way to pin Switcher in your Windows 7 taskbar for easy access.

Step 1 : Right click on the blank area of your desktop and then click on New and then on Shortcut.

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Step 2 : Now you will see a window for creating shortcut. In the box which is given for “Type the location of the Item” just type C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe dwmapi #105. Ensure that C:\ must be your Windows and if your windows is in any other drive, then change this drive letter with that particular drive. Once done click on Next.

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Step 3 : Now you will be asked to type the name for the shortcut. Just write Windows Switcher in this box and then click on Finish. Then you will see a shortcut with the name Windows Switcher on your desktop. Now to pin this shortcut in your taskbar, follow step 4.

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Step 4 : Right click on this shortcut and then go to properties. From properties, click on Change Icon and then you will see a window. Type %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\imageres.dll location if you want to choose an icon from default windows icons or alternatively you can download any icon from web and then browse to that icon’s file. Once icon is selected click on OK.

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Step 5 : Now again right click on that shortcut and then you will see a option to pin it to taskbar. Once done, you will find this shortcut pinned in your taskbar. Now to switch between various opened windows in your web browser just type the command Ctrl+Win Key+Tab and then you will be able to easily flip your opened windows.

If you find problem in performing above steps, then you can download this tool from link given below.

Download Windows Switcher

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