[Short Tip] How To View Youtube Video Without Flash or When Flash Plugin Crash

Yes, recently one of my friend asked me that there is some problem happening on his computer because of flash which was crashing in the browser, he faced the browser crash when he was trying to play a couple of youtube videos. Now he wanted to know is there is any way possible to watch the flash based youtube videos without installing flash as flash some how never works perfectly on his computer.


Well, some of you may realize that its actually not possible but there is very simple way of watching the videos without requiring to install flash plugin in your favourite internet browser, the trick we are going to tell will work across all the browsers on your computer.

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Yes, with HTML5 You Don’t Need Flash Plugin To Play Youtube Videos

Almost all the youtube videos can be watched without installing flash plugin by just enabling HTML5 for your youtube account and when I say youtube account, so that means in order to use this trick you may need to sign in with your google account username and password before you watch youtube videos.

Once you are signed in to youtube, you will need to go to this page http://www.youtube.com/html5 – on this page you opt-in trial of HTML5 video on YouTube. To opt in you will need to click the link at the left bottom of of the page which says Join the HTML5 Trail.


Once you click the link, try loading any youtube video and it should play without requiring flash plugin. If you are using a supported browser, you can choose to use the HTML5 player instead of the Flash player for most videos, list of supported browsers and versions is listed below.

Make Your Browser Ready For HTML5 Videos 

You can upgrade your browsers on your PC with links to WebM support pages below.

Please Note – if you upgrade your browsers for HTML5 WebM format videos you don’t need to sign in to youtube to watch videos most of the time.

Known Limitations With WebM Videos

  • Fullscreen support is partially implemented. Pressing the fullscreen button will expand the player to fill your browser. If your browser supports a fullscreen option, you can then use that to truly fill the screen
  • If you want to find videos with WebM formats available, you can use the Advanced Search options to look for them (or just add &webm=1 to any search URL)
  • Videos with ads are not supported (they will play in the Flash player)
  • On Firefox and Opera, only videos with WebM transcodes will play in HTML5

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