Shopping Mall Maps Added To Bing Search

As Google has been making amendments in their products and services in order to improve them and recently they have launched Web-App store, e-book store, a laptop CR48, Chrome OS and few more new features and this is the reason why Google has been there in news for 2 to 3 days. So, it is obvious that its competitors will also make a move and will definitely want to share some limelight (which is completely there on Google). Microsoft has also made a move with its Bing and this move is something which can take you out of Google especially if you are currently residing in US. In this post I will be telling you about the new feature which has been introduced in the Bing by Microsoft.


You can see the snapshot of the layout of a huge building. Now this is nothing but the layout or the map of a mall in US. Bing has introduced this new feature of Mall Maps. Now Bing will allow you to take a look at the Mall Map when you are searching for a particular brand in a mall. You can see in the snapshot that the Map of the Mall completely tells you that where a particular showroom of a brand is located inside and how much are of land in takes.

It generally happens that whenever you enter a mall most of the time gets spoiled in ransacking the mall when you are searching for a specific showroom. But these maps will really help you to select the malls from internet which will save your time and help in our shopping. Currently they have added around 22 maps which cover most of the malls from Washington D.C. but they have stated that they will be covering rest of the malls gradually and they have made sure that this will be done soon.

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