Shared Folder Access Monitoring and Logging Software – Who Is Accessing Shared Folder ?

Some times you may feel your pc speed becomes slow, this could happen due to the shared folders on your computer being accessed by other computer users on your network. In such a case you may want to know who is accessing your shared folders at what time, we had posted about a freeware tool called NetShareMonitor – which let you know about the users accessing your shared folder on your computer.

Another freeware program has been just released called ShareWatcher which again keeps a track of your shared folders files and folder, it allows you to create logs of accessed shared files by other users.


As shown in the image above it lets you see the logs created as per the users who accessed your shared files, which files they accessed and at what time they first accessed this tool by clicking the Log tab in the application or click the Live tab to see the live activity of shared files on your computer being accessed by other users.

It will not count or log your own access to the shared files and folders, you can also specify some files to exclude for which it should not log the access details by specifying the file name. This application can be made to run at system startup and minimize to system tray while running.


It works for all versions of windows till now as we have tested on xp, vista and windows 7 right now, it works perfectly fine.

Download ShareWatcher

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