Share Wifi, Data Card Internet With Other Computers Via Wifi Hotspot

Nowadays internet has become one of the most important need not only in offices but also in home and other fields. Everyone wants to be connected with the whole world through this wonderful medium of network. But, while accessing the internet on our laptops, we often come across a problem of having only a single internet connection which is available for a laptop. So, in order to use the same internet connection for other WiFi connectivity devices like other pc’s, laptops, printers, smartphones or any other such device then there arises a difficulty. In order to solve this issue which looks very complex, we recommend a newly launched tool for you.

mHotSpot is a simple, small, freeware yet a very powerful tool which solves the above mentioned issue very neatly and easily. So, by using this smart software you can setup a wireless network at your home, office or even on your mobile when you are on a move. Then, using this network, large no. of wifi connectivity devices can be connected very easily. After setting up a new network through this tool, it allows you to share your internet connection over wifi in just two simple steps.

Just download the file from the below given link and follow some simple steps in order to share your internet connection through WiFi. Before starting with the software, you need to share your WiFi connection from the Network and Sharing center. In order to do so, just access the Wireless network connection settings which can be viewed from right-click context menu and after that click Status.


Once you have clicked on the status option, click Properties and then from there just choose the Sharing tab from the available tabs in that window. After this, you have to click on one of the checkboxes mentioning, “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection”. Once you do so just select your wireless internet connection from the list and simply click OK in order to apply the new changes that you made.


One you are done with all these settings just simply launch the MHotSpot application and click Start to begin sharing your wireless internet connection. As you can see that it is really very simple to get started with this tool and you can simply share your internet connection over the wireless network. Before starting it will once ask you to enter your username and password. Once you have mentioned it, then you can start sharing your connection.

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