Share Outlook Calender With Other People Using CodeTwo NetCalendars

Now a days we use calendars in every day life to manage our day to day activities like meetings, appointments and reminders about important things. I have an application named CodeTwo NetCalendars that will help you to manage all your activities in a calendar. This application allows users to share their calendars via internet or intranet. The application is very simple and easy to use and allows you to work on multiple calendars at the same time. CodeTwo NetCalendars is also compatible with  Microsoft Outlook and it allows you to share your Outlook Calendar without the exchange server.

C2NetCalendars 1

This is the first window that will open the when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The various toolbar options in this tool are File, View, Tools, Options and Help. then there are some buttons just below the taskbar for performing the various tasks like :-

C2NetCalendars 6

1. Red Arrow points to a button which is used to define calendars. When you will click on this button a window will open showing all the calendars that are there on your system. Now you can do various task with the calendars like Add, Remove, Move Up and Move Down.

C2NetCalendars 7

When you will click on Add the above window will open and will give you three options to choose from to add the calendar i.e. Calendar stored on this computer, Existing calendar on this computer and Open a Calendar on another computer.

2. Black Arrow points to a Refresh button used to Refresh the calendars for the latest changes.

C2NetCalendars 8

3. Yellow Arrow points to a Reminder window. This window will show you the reminders that are previously added and you can view the settings of those reminders.

C2NetCalendars 9

4. Green Arrow points to the Categories button. Whenever this button is pressed above window is opened and show you already added categories if you had any. You can Delete the Added categories, and also Edit them.

C2NetCalendars 10

5. Blue arrow points to the Lock Button. When we click this lock button Access Rights Managers is opened. This window will help you to select the permissions about who can view which calendar and also which user has what access rights on the selected calendar.

C2NetCalendars 11

6. When you click on Purple button it opens the Settings window. The window has various settings options like System, Network and View.

C2NetCalendars 2

The File Menu contains options like Print, Print Preview and Page Settings.

C2NetCalendars 3

The View menu has various options like Add/Remove calendars,Refresh, Next week, Previous Week etc. .

C2NetCalendars 4

The Tools menu has a Reminder window, Categories list and Access rights to calendars.

C2NetCalendars 5

The options menu has various settings like Reminder Settings, Program Settings and Printing settings.

Download CodeTwo NetCalendars.

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