Share Internet Through Wifi On Windows 7

Using internet through the WiFi connection has become popular as well as very common mechanism nowadays. But what if, you are not having WiFi-enabled modem and still you want to access the internet on more than one laptops and that too only with one internet connection cable. One of the solution for such kind of issue can be to make use of Windows Ad Hoc Network. But that solution is not that easy to implement and it requires knowledge about various methodologies and functionalities of your computer systems. So, for this reason and in order to provide a better solution for such problem we recommend you a small utility which can prove really helpful.

Maryfi is basically a small software which has been specially developed for Windows 7 users and it allows the users to easily create Wifi hotspots which can be used to share the internet connection on more than 1 laptops. Along with it they can also be used for connecting mobile phones, gaming consoles or other laptops accessories. So, by using this utility one can make use of different devices which requires internet connection for their working and thus may prove to be a real help.


Now, in order to use this small and smart utility, you have to first download it from the below given link and then you have to install this free tool on your computer. After launching the app, you need to select the name and password of the connection you wish to create. After this, you just need to click on the “Start Hotspot” button and then the application will automatically utilize your computers built-in Wifi card to wirelessly share any available internet connection. Along with these features, one special fact about the utility is that the connection that it makes is kept completely safe with a help of a password using a WPA-2 encryption.

One important think that should be kept in mind before you start using the hotspot connection using Maryfi, is that you need to make some adjustments with your internet connection which are vary important to be made. For this, you just need to click on the “view network connections to setup internet sharing” button and it will directly send you to the page which will show you all the connections available on your computer. Once you see the available and active connections, then simply right click on the connection which you wish to share and simply enable the internet connection sharing for that connection. After doing this, simply click on the “start hotspot” button and then wait till the network status for Maryfi shows “connected”. Once it shows this message then you may simply access the internet using any other device by connecting to this connection as discussed above.

So, just download it from the below given link and try it out. Maryfi is compatible with only Windows 7 and it is available as a complete freeware.

Download Maryfi.

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