Share Files On Your PC By Moving or Copying Them To Public Dropbox Folder

Dropbox Copy Plugin allows you to simply share your files in single click, In order to share files just drag one or more file on DropBoxPlugin [ download link given at the end of the post ]. All the files will be copied into your Dropbox public folder, auto-synchronized and URL for these files will be put in clipboard.

Here is how you can configure this dropbox plugin to copy or move any file on your computer to your pubic dropbox folder.

1. Download the free dropbox plugin from here

2. Run the plugin executable you had downloaded step 1

2.1 Configure the plugin by locating the dropbox folder on your PC

2.2 copy the universal user id of your dropbox account


You can see the user id from any of the file you had uploaded on your dropbox account in any folder, from the download link to that file.

For Example: [ User Id is bold in the example url below ]

3. Once you configure everything, click save. You will see the following prompt, which confirms you can either drag and drop files on the dropboxplugin.exe or use right click context menu over the files to copy them directly to the your public dropbox folder and all links will be copied to clipboard.


4. Here is how you can upload a file to public dropbox folder for sharing.


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