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There can be many ways on how to embed a ppt on a webpage by using several web services, you can use services like slideshare, zoho show or scribd or else you can also refer this long old procedure here

Just in case if you don’t like to use any of he above mentioned due to limited functions and features you can also use where you can sign up for free and share documents and presentation, can organize online meetings and do lot more like sharing a document or presentation using a link or else you can copy the embed code to ppt file uploaded on

Here is how you can get started, follow the procedure below.

1. Go to

10-6-2010 6-49-38 PM

2. Sign up for a free account

10-6-2010 6-50-03 PM

3. Once you are signed up and logged in, you can upload ppt or document or any other file of any format. In my case I uploaded a ppt file of MS Office 2010 tips and tricks as shown in the image below.

10-6-2010 6-58-55 PM

4. Once the document is uploaded you will need to publish it, before you can start sharing by embedding on a website or sharing the link to the file as shown in the image below.

10-6-2010 10-19-24 PM 

5. Now select the ppt file and click the back arrow to open the menu to share it as shown in the image below.

10-6-2010 10-44-13 PM

6. Once you select to share the ppt, a small pop up will show at the left bottom corner of the window and give you the option to share the direct link to the ppt or copy the embed code as shown in the image below.

10-6-2010 10-44-43 PM

7. Below is the presentation embeded by using the copy embed code option as shown in the box below.

width="365" height="400" codebase="">

This is another way with which you can embed a ppt on any webpage using as you see above. Still I would say the best way is to use slideshare but it does not give many options like with while embedding a ppt on a webpage.

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