Sexy Windows 7 Theme From TechnixUpdate

It is the first time we posting some thing different from technology, So this is just for all the wonderful readers of Technix Update who read the tips we post, and give their valuable comments. So for all our readers and fellow bloggers I have created a sexy theme for windows 7, once you download and install this theme you will know why I am calling this theme sexy or from the snapshot given below. :P


Please Note: This theme is created in windows 7 with some awesome wallpapers I had collected from internet from different sources, so I don’t have copyright for the images used in the theme, so the copyright goes to the owner.

For all those wondering, I would like to say I have some of the best wallpapers in the world on my computer. I hope you guys like it, let me know how do you like it through your comments.

Download Sexy Windows 7 Theme From TechnixUpdate


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