Set Windows 8 Style Metro UI Clock On Windows 7 Desktop

I know that we have a sidebar gadget to watch time on Windows 7 and it was also available with Windows Vista, but today I will be telling you about a simple freeware which can help you to watch time more comfortably. We have want that our eyes should automatically fall on time while working and thus we will have to divert our attention from work to watch the time. In this post we will talk more about this.


I will not say that this Desktop Clock mentioned below is a tool, because once you download this and then launch it, you will not find any option to make any amendment in the display of time made by tool or I should say you cannot do any change to this tool. Once thing which I did not like about this Clock is that due to its white font color it is mandatory to put dark wallpaper on your system or else the time will not visible. Moreover you cannot change the placement of the time display on the desktop.


If you have a wallpaper, where certain area is dark and certain area has a light color, then you would wish to see the clock display on the darker portion and this is not possible with this gadget. But the display is quite sober, it seems that it has become a part of you wallpaper and the font of the display is also quite large, so whenever your eyes reach the desktop, it will automatically see the time. Once you install launch this exe file just take a look at the wallpaper you will see the change. Moreover you will also see an icon on the taskbar tray.

Let me tell you that is you have switched of the aero effect of your operating system then this tool will not work, rather it will show an opaque white box on the wallpaper. The size of the tool is around 400 KBs and it is portable. This tool has been checked with Windows 7 32-but ultimate edition. If you face any issue while using it, please let us know.

Download Desktop Clock for Windows 7

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