Set, Use Samsung Galaxy S II Official Live Wallpapers On Any Android Phone

Samsung has finally managed to take over the mobile market with some really amazing mobile devices such as Samsung Wave, Samsung Galaxy S etc and now to make yet another mark and compete against high end mobile phones like iPhone, the company is all set to launch its next generation galaxy, Samsung Galaxy S II.

With only a few months remaining before the phone hits the market, a really cool thing has surfaced the internet. As all Android users know that we have Live Wallpapers installed on our devices which are cool to put up and are eye-catchy and does make your phone look distinct. The reason why we are talking about live wallpapers is that the official ones of Galaxy S II are now available over the internet for free.

These live wallpapers could be downloaded as APK files to your android based devices( including Galaxy Tab) supporting WVGA display and can be installed. The only problem we face with these is their large size of more than 8 MB forcing you to free up some space in case you wish to install them. Apart from being bulky, the wallpapers also seem to lag a bit maybe because of the processing speed they demand over the S II which was not available with any other phone.

But they are worth downloading since they make your homescreen feel so refreshed with new.

Samsung Galaxy S II Live WallpapersQOtY6

The two wallpapers shown above are the best ones. One is a Windmill wallpaper while the other Beach one. The most unique thing about these two wallpapers besides the new concept is the GPS support which eventually change the time from day to night in accordance with the actual time change. Cool enough? Yes they really are, so just stop waiting and try them today.To download follow the link after the video.

Google to Download Samsung Galaxy S II Live Wallpapers For Android By [XDA-Developers]

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