Set Screensaver As A Series Movie Clips With VisiSaver

VisiSaver is a cool free utility which allows you to watch your favorite movie clips set as screensaver on your computer, you can set multiple movie clips to play when your screensaver starts. You just need to point to the folder containing videos and after the screensaver starts you can see the movies. There is not player but you can change the sound and length of the clips, sort them and preview them under VisiSaver named screensaver settings.

However this is a freeware, but registration is completely free and you will get the license key on your email id, but in my case the license they sent did not work – you better try to get the license and make sure it work – other wise contact their support team here

How To Request The License


After installing the program you will see a new screensaver named VisiSaver under screensaver which lets you customise and set multiple movie clips as screensaver to play.

Some Screenshots of the Application

VisiSaver screensaver




Selecting the source folder of the videos to run in screensaver


Following are some key features of the program 

  • View movie clips and videos like a screensaver
  • Simple select folder with clips and wait for screen saver
  • Disable movie sounds if needed
  • Sort played files randomly or in series
  • Manage over the strating position
  • Set video length of playing clip

Download VisiSaver [ Direct Link ] 

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