Set Password To Open, Run Apps On Android Phone

There are a plenty of things that you might have on your mobile phone and there are a plenty of reasons why you would want to protect them from others. So in order to protect your personal data from others you can opt to put a password lock which will stop people from unlocking your phone without your permission but this doesn’t solve the problem, if a very good friend of yours wants to play with your phone then obviously it is not possible for you to deny him in any way. While dong that he can just accidently find something on your phone which you never wanted him to.

So how can you get this problem resolved? Well we at Technix are always thinking about how to fix your problems and here we are again with a solution for you.This application called the Android protector works for android phones and it protects individual applications instead of locking down the whole phone. So if you don’t want to stop someone from accessing your phone but you don’t want him to be reading your E mails or messing with your settings then this is a must for you. This application is available for free and you can lock upto 10 applications with the free version, you can also download the premium version for 99cents and that will enable you to lock unlimited applications, I don’t think that this price is too much for the utility of this application.


This app is very easy to use and sports a beautiful interface. Android protector is a lightweight application that secures a defined list of applications with a simple code. You have to install the application and set your PIN after running it, then you will have to flag the applications you want to secure. Also you can turn it on or off from the notification bar so that you don’t have it running when you need no protection. This is a very good feature and all the protection applications do not have this option of easily turning them on or off, so now you will not have to enter passwords every time you want to access an app and you can secure them when only you feel the need to do so.

Well, I think that if you have an android phone then this is a must have app for you and now you will not have to deny your kids anymore if they want to see your phone, you wont have to worry about them messing with your settings as well.

Android Protector

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