Set Password and Time Limit To Open Files To View

SecureShare is a free program which allows you to add a password and expiration date to your files you would want to share privately, people can only view your files by entering the right password before the expiration password arrives, Moreover your files cannot be copied, printed, saved, forwarded or printed.

This application could be really helpful in cases when emailed your project idea to your manager for input. The next thing you know, it is the top money-spinner in the company and your manager took all the credit. You found out that he had tampered with the original files and erased proof of your efforts or something similar.


We have just tested this software, and created a step by step procedure which could help you understand how to protect your files using this software, we have taken a sample document Technix Update.doc to explain.

1. First Download, Install and Run SecureShare

2. It will ask you to add files to folder to add for locking, you can add files by clicking the add button or just by drag and drop and then after adding these files click Next button at bottom right in the application interface


3. Now you need to set the expiration time and password to protect these files and then click Create button


4. It will create a zip archive most probably on your desktop which you can send to your friends and they can only view these locked files till a certain expiration time period and with the right password, but after the expiration time is over they will see the following message prompt.


Your friends will need use SecureShare to view your protected files, before the expiration time and with a correct password. When the expiration time is over your protected files will not be readable.

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