Set Message To Show Up At Windows Startup

When we have multiple accounts on your system, then sometimes we need a common source through which we can convey them an important message to all the users. Now, this seems to be tedious because we can only do this by conveying them that message personally. But, how will you react if I say that I have tool to review which can automatically do this for you in the simplest possible way, whenever they open that system and this fabulous freeware is known as Start MessageBox Maker.

This tool will help you to notify the other users for your system, by popping up a startup message when they log into your system. The whole message box will be prepared by this tool which will include the content of the message, it will also include the nature of the message, you can also add the button combos like retry, OK, Cancel etc. and at last you can show it as response for your system or from any of the application installed on your system.


The only application window this tool has, is shown in the snapshot above, where you an see the number of options present in making a startup message box. First of all, in the title message you give a brief idea about this message or you will be categorizing it on the basis of the name of that tool or the name of the file with which its related. Then you are supposed to type the complete body, wherein you will completely describe about the problem, so that the user can understand the conveyed message.

Then on the basis of your message you will decide about the total number of possible options which can be introduced in your message box with the help of the combo buttons. Now after selecting combo buttons, you will have to select the most appropriate icon which can symbolize the category or which can justify the Title text of your message box. After giving all the specifications about that message box, you can execute it and then check the status of your created startup message box with the ‘Check Status’ option and whenever you want to deactivate it, you can use that option in the bottom of the application window.

This tool is compatible with all the versions of windows as it has been already checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. The size of this freeware is also very small i.e. 223.23 Kb, so you can take it any where on your pen-drive. Use it and Enjoy!!!

Download Startup MessageBox Maker

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