Set How Many Emails To Show Up In Different Sections Of Priority Inbox

Priority Inbox is a one such amazing feature which is being liked by many gmail users, recently it has been rolled out for all the gmail users irrespective they are using google apps or not which is a great step.

Today we will share a simple tip which might help you to use priority inbox in a better way, In order to reduce the clutter to show up in different sections of priority inbox you can choose to display how many messages will be displayed under each section of priority inbox.

Follow the procedure below to know how it is done

1. Login to your gmail account

2. Go to Settings >> Priority Inbox – Locate Priority Inbox Sections – Now for those sections you can select number of mails to appear in each section as shown in the image below. [ Highlighted In Red Box ]


3. Once you have selected this option, click Save changes button and then you will redirected to the Priority Inbox or the normal inbox and the specific section and the number of mails in section will appear as your selection.

You can repeat the above procedure for each section in gmail priority inbox to change the number of mails to appear in each section.

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