Set Google Chrome Web Apps To Open As Pinned Tab, In New Window, Full Screen or Regular Window

Google chrome web apps store has been recently launched as it seems it powered with some great web apps which you can now install in your google chrome browser if you are running google chrome 8 or later. We have already posted about some posts on how to install or uninstall these web apps from chrome web app store.

Moreover after installing these web apps you can customize more to make them work for you as per your requirement, you can control how these apps should open like whether they should open in pinned or regular tab, whether they should run in full screen or if they should run in a new window of google chrome altogether.

In order to tweak the way these chrome web apps should run, follow the procedure below.

1. Run google chrome on your computer.

2. Press Ctrl+T to open a new tab or open a new tab by clicking the + sign on the right of the top tabs opened in google chrome.

3. In new tab, you will see all the web apps you have installed in google chrome, right click on the icon of the app which you want to customize and select the way it should run shown in the image below.

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