Set Future Time In iTunes To Stop Playback Automatically

More than often, when I am working at night, I prefer to put on some music to go with my work. I continue to listen to some soft music in bed, and usually after 15 minutes or so of being in bed, I turn the music off and go to sleep. Being a Mac user, I manage my music using iTunes. When you are almost falling asleep, I cannot mention how big a pain it is to get up, quit iTunes, and turn my computer off. I always wished there was some way to automate this, so I could just turn on my music, go to sleep, without having to worry about getting up again and turning it off.

Luckily, Sleeptime, a freeware app for Mac OS X that does exactly this. Developed by the famous Michaƫl Fortin, this nifty little utility makes your life a little more easier by automating something that is very annoying to do manually.

All you have to do to setup Sleepytime is –

  1. Fire up iTunes. Put on your favorite playlist.
  2. In Sleepytime, setup the time after which you want the music to stop playing (I use anything between 15-25 minutes, but that really depends on how long you want to lay in bed listening to music).
  3. You can also set a fade-out time for the music. By default, fade-out is on, and the time for fade-out is set to 2 minutes. This is usually a good enough setting, it fades out the music gradually, so that you don’t experience a sudden stop in music.
  4. If you want to send you system to sleep, want it to shut down, restart, or log out after the music is stopped, you can set this up in Sleepytime. When I don’t have any tasks running on my system, I usually set it up to shut down.
  5. You can also set up Sleepytime to auto-hide itself or quit after the music stops.

Once you are done with the setting, just press the ‘Sleepytime!’ button.

The UI shrinks to a smaller window, which displays the currently playing track, along with the artist. If you change your mind about going to sleep in between, you can just press the ‘I’m not sleepy’ button. It effectively turns off Sleepytime.

Another handy feature of Sleepytime is that a control for iTunes volume is included within the UI, so that you don’t need to switch to iTunes once Sleepytime is activated.

Download Sleepytime

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