Set Future Time For Opened Windows To Minimize Automatically [ Unused Windows ]

It happens many a times that when you end up working on your system after a long period of time, then you find that your desktop is completely messed up. We often open all the applications that we have to use just once, but we forget to close and this makes our desktop a huge mess. It also creates difficulty in working smoothly, as for searching the applications; we are supposed to go through all the applications piled up at desktop. But, one of my friends told me about a tool known as Swept Away, which will automatically minimize the unused applications for you.

This tool will minimize the all the application windows which were not used for a certain period. This period has to be predefined by the user and then when you start using it, it will minimize all the application windows which were opened by you while working on the system.

The size of his tool is only 439 Kb; it will take no time to get installed as with my personal experience I can say that this tool got installed on my system within a second!!! After getting installed it will not create any shortcut on the desktop but it will minimize itself on the tray.


When you start with your work then you can set its preferences, the application window will appear same as shown above in the snapshot, in this option you will have to enter the amount of time (in seconds) for which an application window should be left unused and not be minimized.

As the above mentioned preferences will be for all the application currently running on your system, but if you want to exclude one or more application from this tool, then in the context menu of this tool you will find an option ‘exclude’, which will show the list of all the running applications. Then you can tick mark any one of them in order to exclude them.

This tool will make your work easier and it will also make your desktop cleaner. As already mentioned, this tool is very light and thus it is also quite portable. It is also compatible with all the version of Windows and still it is just a freeware and it has been verified on Windows XP and Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

I found this tool very useful so I wrote about it.

Download Swept Away

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