Set double click in skype to open chat then call the skype contact

I have been using skype regularly for around three months, in my new office. From the day I started using I noticed a common problem which normally people face using skype.


By default in skype when ever you double click any contact skype will start a skype-call to that skype contact instead of starting a chat, double clicking a skype contact is quite normal as we have a habit of starting a chat as in other messenger’s like Gtalk and yahoo messenger etc.

But it’s very easy to to override the default settings of skype and set the default setting of skype to start a chat when you double click a skype contact instead of chat.

Let’s see how can change the default behaviour of skype.

In order to set the default option in skype to start a chat when you double click on a skype contact.

1. Open skype, go to File >> Tools, select options


2. As soon as you click options in skype, you will see the new window with the first option with a radio button, which says: When I double-click on a contact or use the address field


3. Check the radio button which says “Start a chat” and click OK

4. That’s it! Solved :)

Note: BTW for those who would like to add me as friend in your skype list, here is my skype id:  abhi.trace


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